July 24th
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good thing dwts has been over for months now I was worried we were going to have to rehash all of season eighteen every single day oH WAIT

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July 23rd
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For My Help - Hayden Calnin


then one day, you took me out to sea
you grabbed me and pushed me in
you could have come with me

for my help // hayden calnin

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July 23rd
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July 23rd
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July 23rd
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Anonymous asked: what are your top 10 m/c interviews ?
July 23rd
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July 23rd
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He can’t stop himself!!!! Nothing better.

July 23rd
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there’s been a resurgence of the team charmer love around here and i’m enjoying it immensely 

July 23rd
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it’s more than likely I will have a new Charmer edit out tonight after I get home from work :) 

oh and if you haven’t read Trick of Fate on AO3 yet, GO READ (i just read it all in one sitting, SO GOOD)

July 23rd
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And now I can 100% be a cheerleader, Team Meryl. Love you.